When to contact an eye doctor immediately:

There appears to be any visible scratch, cut, or penetration of the eyeball.
Any chemical gets into the eye.
The eye is painful or red.
Nausea or headache accompany the eye pain.
There is any sudden change in vision (such as blurred or double vision).
There is discharge from the eye.

Common Emergency Eye Care Issues:

Abnormal pupil size or shape
Appearance of a “veil”, or curtain across the field of vision
Blood in the white of the eye
Bulging eye
Chemicals in the eye
Cut or torn eyelid
Discharge from the eye.
Double vision
Eye that is sensitive to light
Foreign body in the eye
Loss of vision
Onset of flashing lights, floaters, or a noticeable increase in the amount of flashes and floaters
Painful eye
Post-operative pain in or around the eye, discharge, increased redness, or decreased vision (in either eye)
Protruding eye
Scratched eye
Severe eye, head or face injury
Something embedded in the eye
Something under the eyelid that cannot be removed
Sudden changes in pupil size
Sudden loss of all or part of your vision


Symptoms of eye emergencies may include eye pain, redness, discharge, loss of vision, sensitivity to light, or flashes and floaters. Trauma to the head or eye(s), including a foreign object in the eye, may also require emergency care. Should you experience any symptoms that concern you, please call our office. We will make every effort to examine you as quickly as possible. If you have a eye health concern after normal business hours, please call our office at 636-7200 and follow the instructions on our voice mail message to reach the doctor on call.